Dead Space Series: Did EA Really Pull Its Plug?


EA has finally denied the Dead Space 4 cancellation reported by VideoGamer a day ago, saying that the report was “patently false.”

In a statement  published by Gamespot, EA was quick to point out that it was not axing the Dead Space series. The rumors started circulating after EA failed to release the sales report of the Dead Space 3. But the company clarified that although it has yet to release the said sales report, it does not mean that it is pulling the rug under the production of Dead Space 4.

EA said that the Dead Space series will continue to be an important franchise of the company, which already put to rest the iconic Medal of Honor series because of poor performance in the market. Gamers around the world were worried that the lower-than-anticipated sales of Dead Space 3 will cause the company to pull the plug rather than see where the game can be tweaked and developed.

According to VideoGamer’s report, Dead Space 4 was already in pre-production at Visceral Games and Visceral Montreal when EA decided to put it to bed. The latter, Visceral Montreal, was completely shut down following the restructuring.

In the same report, it said that even the production of Dead Space 3 was almost cancelled by the company when it announced multiple budget cuts for the series. The said game pushed through, but only to the bewilderment of the series’ fans when it found out the major changes and enhancements made on the game didn’t exactly play well.

A number of Dead Space series fans said that if only EA remained true to the survival horror plot of the series, then rumors such as this would have never cropped up. There were also some contentions on the addition of microtransactions, as well as the shift from weapon-specific ammunition to generic ammo.

Dead Space 1 and 2 were both successful in their own rights, but Dead Space 3 is rumored to have a bad sales record.

Frank Gibeau, EA Games Label president, previously said that its AAA games must sell somewhere in the vicinity of five million copies and up for them to survive. So, it shouldn’t surprise EA that their inability to publish the official sales record of Dead Space 3 led some to speculate on the Dead Space 4 cancellation.

Of course, EA can say that it hasn’t officially announced the next game, which should be Dead Space 4. But the end of Dead Space 3 suggested that another one will be made within the year, and the rumored pre-production of the game also put to test EA’s resolve to cancel or go through with marketing the game.

The Dead Space series used to be one of the most popular EA games out there. The fusion of horror and survival game was a huge hit for gamers. The series, so far, has sold over 6.7 million copies worldwide. The first two games of the series were even widely applauded and were given several awards for the elements of its gameplay and development.

Rumors of the Dead Space 4 cancellation, however, shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore since the previous Dead Space game has completely wiped out most of the things that were much loved in the series.

Source: GameSpot

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