Cutting Edge: The Future of Smartphone features

20smartphone1What has the Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile World Congress shown us about the mobile industry? Other than the fact that all the top company will not go to these events and instead host private shows.

Well, one would be many industries are evolving in a way where we cannot see five years ahead. In an age where an indie developer can make some huge change in the way we use computers, smartphones and electronics, anything could happen.

Flexible Displays

One new technology is being built as we speak, by both Corning and Samsung. Samsung showed the flexible display technology off at CES, but Corning cut them back, saying that the technology would not be ready for high-end devices for at least another three years.

Flexible displays offer a new way of designing and using phones. With flexible displays, you can have transparent designs; foldable displays which lock the phone and an incredible sense that the phone will never break.

Laser Keyboards

This feature has been seen time and time again, especially on iPhone concept mockups. There was recently a rumor that Google Glass would add this feature as a way of typing.

Laser keyboards would remove the need for a physical keyboard entirely and could offer a lot more space for you to type. The question is really how to project the display onto a surface. Microsoft have been meddling with this technology, although they say the project is not in any state to come to mobile devices, yet.

Energy Efficient Smartphones

This is more of a battery concern than a tech geek feature that would get you excited. How about very small solar panels on the back of your phone, that collect the energy and keep your battery running.

Everyone wants their battery to last more than a day, with an energy efficient smartphone it could last for ages, as long as it is sunny outside.


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