Cut the Rope:Experiments Update brings 25 Exciting New levels

The awesome physics game- Cut the Rope: Experiments has just been updated by ZeptoLabs. The game that has 175 fun and exciting levels is now updated to include 25 more levels. The new levels are available to users who have already downloaded the game- Cut of Rope: Experiments.

The update comes as a blessing for those who have been patiently waiting for this update.

The little character, Om Nom, is back with an exciting level that has some interesting gameplay. The new levels are framed in a brand new map, called Ant Hill. This time you’ll have to take care of the scurrying ants, which will be carrying the candy to their ant-hills. You just have to drop the candy at the right places, so that ants can carry them to Om.

But, wait, there’s a twist. Why would ants carry the candies to Om? The ants, apparently, would be carrying the candy you drop to their anthills, but you have to use your smartness and skills to pave a way out, so that candy ultimately ends up in Om’s mouth and not in the anthill. That’s what the game is all about.

Besides 25 new levels, the new update also adds some challenging elements in the gameplay, for those who are too bored with the game.

The update is free for those who have already bought the game; for those, who haven’t tried this game out, we suggest you to downloading this amazingly fun game from the Play Store. It’s for $0.99 but believe me, you won’t regret buying this game. You can also try out the Free version that’s available on the Play Store, if you wish to get the feel of the game before buying it.

Download Cut the Rope: Experiments

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