Corning says flexible displays are still not happening

Corning Willow Glass

There have been a few rumors last month indicating that the Cupertino tech giant might be working on a wrist watch product with a curved display on it. And this curved display was supposed to be supplied by the Gorilla Glass making company, Corning. That watch would just be incredible and so attractive with its curved display and the ability to connect to your smart phone and all that. But as it turns out, this is not happening for at least three years from now.

Bloomberg has followed this story up with Corning directly. And according to the reports on Bloomberg, the company says that its Willow glass, which is the curved glass that the company is working on, will not ready for main stream products for the market for at least three years, or even more. iSource writes:

President James Clappin notes that Willow Glass might make it’s way into simpler products by the end of this year, but a far more complicated flexible display is still a long way off. Clappin also declined to comment on a smart-watch product with Apple.

Apple is already working with Corning for its awesome Gorilla glass, which the Cupertino tech giant uses in its line of iPhone smart phones. There is a pretty good chance that the company might work with Corning for its rumoured iWatch as well, or any other product for that sake.

There were rumors that the Samsung Galaxy Note II might come with a curved display, well that did not happen. But a few companies did showcase a few smart phones at the Consumer Electronics show in January earlier this month. So there is still hope. And as Clappin has said, we may be seeing a few simpler products in the market later this year with a curved display. Let us just hope that we do.

Source: iSource

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