Controversy Surrounds Smartphone’s Customized ROM from China

China ROMMajority of Chinese phone manufacturing companies are now releasing devices customized ROMs that are bundle with value added services. This particular move, even favored by most of the manufacturers, looks as if it will turn out to be fruitful. However, many technology experts despise the strategy claiming that it will limit foreign smartphone manufactures. With most of smartphone makers outsourcing their parts in China, this kind of innovation is possible and not simply a farfetched idea. Let’s try to find out more about this.

There are a number of companies that have already embraced this technology. Most of the companies using this technology either make their own Smartphones or have partnered with other companies to do the same. The main reason given to this is basically; try and minimize the chances of rendering some of the devices unusable. These companies include; Baidu operating with the Baidu ROM, Xiaomi with MIUI ROM and finally Tencent using the tita ROM.

According to a statement issued by T.Z. Wong a senior marketing analyst at IDC, he acknowledged the fact that this Customized ROM technology is very prominent in China. He said that the technology allows their users to customize some form of preloaded value added service into their device which increases the device functionalities.

Wong also said that the strategy is not deemed suitable for the foreign phone makers because they stand losing out considering the fact that the Customized ROM niche is still growing. Another reason given as to why this strategy is not suitable for the foreigners is that one requires a technical understanding of the technology in order to succeed. Most of the tech geniuses have even experienced a hard time while trying to install the new ROM. To succeed care must be taken.

Via ZDNet

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