Control your notification volume with a new ringer app for Android

Have you ever been embarrassed because your phone rang loudly in the middle of an important boardroom meeting or a public address? Been at the receiving end of glares and snide comments for piercing the quiet with your death metal ringtone? This new app for Android phones is a blessing for all those who forget to turn their phones off at important events and locations. We help you activate the app that controls your notification volume based on ambient sound levels. The app lowers the ringtone or message tone volume in quieter places and ups the volume levels when you are outdoors, on bustling roads for example.

ring2We help your phone make less noise in company and avoid any discomfiture.

1. Download the app called RingDimmer from Google’s Play Now Android market.

2. Check the enabled box once the app is installed.

3. Choose if you want your message or call notification vibration level to be lowered along with the volume. You can adjust volume and vibration levels based on the surrounding noise levels, time of the day or light.

4. Choose whether you want frequent access to the app by enabling or disabling the notification widget for the app. When enabled, the app offers quick access and the music note icon indicates that it is in the notification enabled status.

5. This app takes up considerable battery life, so you can disable it when you will remain in one location for a while and adjust the ringtone volume accordingly.

The app is $0.99 on the Android market.