Contribute to the women’s cause this International Women’s day with the click of a button!

International Women’s Day is finally getting its worth in gold. Or cash. This year, 2013 will see the launch of a new app to raise funds for girl child education in India, aptly launched on Women’s day. The app is based on website and has garnered support from famous and powerful women from all walks of life. Models, Industrialists, writers, academicians and scientists have come forward to support the app and fight for women’s cause all over the world.

The app has been launched by Plan India, an NGO as a fundraiser to educate underprivileged girls to help them progress in their life. Christened “Because I am a Girl”, the app projects a child in blocks that create a mosaic. Anyone who donates to the NGO is pictured behind the child to honor his or her contribution. The NGO will then use the donation to educate girls and encourage them to pursue higher studies with financial assistance when possible, depending on the response to the app.

women2A very simple and straightforward app, it requires donors to give generously to the girl child’s cause. The power of social media has been unleashed over the world and can be harnessed to realize noble causes with support of millions of people from around the world with the click of a button. Information, means, and ways to contribute are readily available with smart phones and social networking connecting the world. People from all around the planet can come together to spearhead a cause that will contribute to the progress of human society as a whole by slowly eradicating root causes like poverty and orthodox thinking. A heartening gesture by NGO Plan India to reach out to masses to help educate girl children.


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