CommBadge hands-free Bluetooth speakerphone is inspired by Star Trek

The CommBadge wearable speakerphone is on the verge of closing its extended crowdfunding Flexible Funding campaign at Indiegogo.


To date, the company CommBadge Technologies, LLC, which is behind the hands-free communicator has raised $15,777, which is far beyond its goal of $2,000.

The CommBadge speakerphone is said to be inspired by the sci-fi TV series Star Trek. The device is attached to one’s clothes, allowing users to make and receive calls, compose and receive SMS via a text-to-speech technology, and use voice-enabled smartphone features such as Google Now, S Voice, or Siri. It also gives an alert in case there are incoming calls or messages, and even events scheduled on one’s social media accounts. The device notifies the wearer through vibration, sounds, or LEDs—all of which are fully customizable. Likewise, the CommBadge prevents a user from losing one’s smartphone by alerting the user if one’s smartphone is left somewhere.

The device owes these features to a directional and personalized speaker technology. It also comes with a noise-cancelling chipset to prevent background noise from being a problem.

As for its dimensions, the CommBadge measures 33 mm in diameter and below 14 mm in thickness. It is charged via a micro USB cable which can be connected to a USB or to a power source.

The CommBadge supports Android and iOS via a Bluetooth connection. Users, according to the CommBadge team, only need to pair the device with one’s smartphone once,

CommBadge will also come with a companion app that will be made available for free downloading on Google Play and the App Store.

Through Indiegogo, one can support the CommBadge by pledging $10 for a MagPack Magnetic Mount Kit.$80 gets one the Galactic Black CommBadge Classic, which the company will sell for the higher price of $95 in the future. $85, which is their Personal package, entitles a backer to the CommBadge Classic in a color of one’s choice, including Galactic Black, Nebula Chrome, and Cosmic White. This, however, does not include an ID badge holder. For $5 more, however, one gets the Business or Personal package, which comes with the CommBadge Classic with an ID holder in any of the color options. The Premium Package costs $100, entitling one to a CommBadge+ with an ID badge reel that is capable of being retracted. Business owners may opt to purchase the $1,050 package that bundles 12 units of the device. Lastly, the $5,000-worth Angel Funders package is for backers that will be invited to a pre-launch event and a chance to meet the creators of the communicator.

Below is the link to CommBadge’s Indiegogo page, in case you are interested in becoming a backer.

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