Comedy Hit “Pulp” premiered on Xbox Live!

Xbox is enjoying attention not only for its gaming capabilities but as a device that gets to premiere fun new movies. Adam Hamdy and Shaun Magher, makers of indie film “Pulp” have decided to air the movie on the Xbox Live over other media. This is the first full length commercial movie to be released on Xbox Live. The film is available for $18 fir the HD version, which translates to 1420 Xbox points and $15 for the SD options which is 1180 Xbox points.

The movie Pulp falls into the comedy genre where the protagonist, Tony Leary who owns a comic store “Junk Comics” , helps bring down a gang of criminals known in the movie as “Geordie Criminals” . The core plot revolves around tracking a group of miscreants who are looking to launder money through another comic store. Two other characters that add color and fun to the movie are Tony’s geeky pals, Kieth and Rick who assist with the chase.
pulp2Not an innovate genre, the movie nevertheless seems promising. What is news is the fact that the makers, Adam and Shaun chose the Xbox Live to air the premiere. The reason for this interesting move is the distribution cost. The film does not feature big names in Hollywood and most distributors had qualms about the success of the film. Its makers, in an unusual move for first timers, decided to circumvent the distribution process, take a chance and release the film on a different platform- the Xbox Live. And they chose right. The film was received with surprise but did very well with good collections in its opening week.

With Pulp being released on the Xbox Live, we can expected a dozen more film makers, newbie at that, to take the same route and premiere their movies on this previously unexplored medium.


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