Collaboration of Google and Facebook can help Android rise to the top

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When Android version 2.3, also known as Gingerbread, was still new in the market, it was already questioned by a lot of top engineers of Facebook. These people have seen potential problems in the platform that may halt Facebook from running in phones with Android operating system.

Mike Shaver, one of the lead Facebook engineers, mentioned in a chat at their headquarters that they were able to detect the exact problem and the possible solution to it. The engineers created a patch to quickly solve the problem. They used Dalvik to run the apps in Android phones. This software was able to create more room for the storage of method records. Engineers traced the problem to the way Android handles method records. Method records are the link between an app and a phone. The method records that an app can have should be less than three million to be functional in Android version 2.3. Once these method records exceed that limit, the application could not be used efficiently. The engineers of Facebook found out that the social networking site has over three million method records. This means that Android phone users will not be able to fully access Facebook in Android phones.

Shaver also mentioned that they sent this patch immediately to Google for evaluation. After one to two days, Google told them that this patch can work for the mean time. Then, the teams conducted a trial and put the patch into action. This made it possible for Facebook to run on Android phones successfully.

Android is now comparable to iOS which is the operating system utilized by different Apple products. However, Android will not be able to survive if it will not have the capacity to support a substantial amount of third-party applications. Since Facebook is well-equipped in handling this, it is now clear that Google will really benefit from the partnership with the said social networking site.

With the wide audience of Facebook, Google has proven that Android is an outstanding operating system for smartphones. As Shaver stated in the chat, Facebook is an essential app for Google and Android is a vital platform for the said social networking site.

As of now, Facebook is focused on providing their users on smartphones the best social networking experience. They have no plans of putting up their own platform. They are also working on their goal which is called “mobile empathy”. For this, the company has an on-going training for all of their employees to have a better working knowledge of mobile technologies. Every 2nd or 3rd Thursday of each month, Facebook conducts updates on their Android app. This is part of their accelerated release cycle.

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