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Chrome Beta for Android now has password syncing and autofill

Chrome for Android password and autofill sync

If you are a fan of using Chrome on your desktop, then you might have saved a few passwords in the browser for auto logins and you might have also saved some form auto fill data in the browser so that you will not have to enter each and every thing on every form you fill. These are two of the most amazing features among many others in Google’s Chrome desktop internet browser. And the company has a mobile version of the software as well, for Android. But that is not as feature rich as this, for sure, but the app has been updated to add these two features to it.

So yes, the Chrome internet browser app on your Android smart phone or tablet can now sync passwords and remember them, along with form auto fill data. This means that you will have to enter your password for a new website or service only one, and it will automatically imported on to your smart phone as well. How cool is that? And if you fill a form on your desktop computer, that same form fill data will be stored on your smart phone browser as well. This is one step closer to complete awesomeness.

For this syncing to take place, you will need to have the latest versions of the Chrome internet browser both on your computer and on your smart phone or other Android devices. You will get an option to select the data types that you want to sync on your Android mobile device. You just need to select the Autofill and the Passwords options to enable these two new features. And after this, every new password and auto fill data will be automatically downloaded to your smart phone. The update may not yet be available to everyone. It is currently rolling out and might take some time to reach all the Android devices out there.

Source: Into Mobile

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