China is too dependent on Android


Android is doing really good when it comes to market share, that is no secret and there is no doubt as well. Google’s open source mobile operating system has gained a lot of popularity not just for high end state of the art smart phones, but also entry level, sub $100 smart phones, and even tablets in the same genres. And out of all the nations in the world which are using Android, China is one of the nations in which the market share of Android is insanely large.

In China, over 80% of smart phones and tablets run Google’s Android operating system, that is over 80% of the market share. And this figure has raised concerns in the country. A White Paper report published by the China Academy of Telecommunication Research for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology suggests that the country needs to switch to other mobile platforms as well and reduce the dependency on Google’s Android. There has been some friction between Google and China, we all know that.

The white paper suggests that the market share of other platforms such as the new Tizen from Samsung, Mozilla’s Firefox OS, Apple’s iOS, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 need to come in and take away some of the market share from Android. This is going to affect Android’s overall market share as well because the China is home to the world’s largest wireless carrier, China Mobile.

The white paper also suggests that China based smart phone manufacturers such as Huawei, ZTE, Coolpad, and Lenovo need to build their own operating systems. But Taiwan based industry sources have commented that this could be difficult and not a brave move because a stable mobile OS which is ready for release to the public takes at least three to five years to build, which would be too late to enter the mobile space. But there is a suggestion that “Android to release some of its regulations so that the country can build an operating system using a variant of Android. Another solution would be for Chinese companies to provide “rich mobile services” and develop mobile apps based not just on Android, but also iOS and Windows Phone,” writes Phone Arena.

Source: Phone Arena

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