Catapult King Android Game Review

If you’ve got this destructive streak going on where all you want to do is smash at stuff then there’s a game for that. A new game released by Chillingo for the Android platform called Catapult King lets you live out your destructive fantasies by smashing all sorts of things in the game.

Catapult king can now be downloaded for free over at Google Play. You will need a device running on at least android 2.3 as well as a storage space of 20 MB. Of course if you have a tablet your game experience will be much better due to the larger display compared when playing this title on a smartphone.

The game is physics based where you get to use a magical catapult to destroy all sorts of structures. You get to play the part of an ancient hero set out to rescue a princess in distress. Your main enemy is a nasty dragon which you must defeat. Your catapult will be your main weapon as you hurl boulders on wooden towers populated by evil knights. The few boulders you use to topple all of the knights the higher your score for the level will be.

Just like any other game the first few levels are quite easy which serves as an excellent training ground for you to get acquainted with its mechanics. As you progress through the levels it becomes quite challenging. To aid you in difficult levels are various magical power ups which you can use to enchant your catapult. The three magical spells available to you are Aim Arrow, Earth Shock, and Lunar Strike each of which provides a unique way to attack the enemy.

There are 96 levels of fun excitement for you to go through to rescue the princess. When you complete a level you get to earn magic which you can use.

The controls are fairly easy since all you have to do is pull back the sling, aim, and then watch the destruction you unleash.

While the game is free there’s also an in-app purchase feature that lets you but magic.

If you love playing Angry Birds then try to give this game a shot.

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