Car Games for Kids

Car racing has always been a thrill for boys and men. Few sports and games give a person a bigger adrenaline rush than a dozen F1 cars battling it out on the track. With every child wanting to become the next Michael Schumacher, there is little question about the genre of games ruling the app world. With spectacular displays on smartphones and tablets, racing in High Definition is far more exciting than its PC days. Top league racing games have been designed for android and iOS platforms to give kids the ‘real’ racing experience

formu2Android formula car game is based on Formula One racing. The game retains the classic 2D graphic look of the older PC games. Despite its relatively simple graphics, the game is a stunner. Even 2D looks grand on the iPhone and Samsung’s AMOLED super sharp, crisp, detailed displays. The rules are simple. No hitting participant cars, stay on track, collect as many fuel tanks as possible so the car doesn’t run out and avoid slippery oil patches that send you veering out of control. The best part of this game is that it gives players a realistic racing experience. Steering and maneuvering the car is by tilting the device screen left or right. Win races and collect
coins to progress through levels and choose hot new car models and fuel boosters. There are secret, surprise mode settings as well!


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