CalDAV and CardDAV coming to Windows Phone

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Google has announced some time back that it will be ending ActiveSync support for Windows Phone 8 smart phones soon. The end of the extended deadline is 31st of July, 2013. This means after this deadline, customers will not be able to add any other Windows Phone 8 devices to their Google account. And for people using Google services, the integration of all the services that Google provides is very important. Losing this will mean a lot of headache and discomfort. And since Google knows this, the company is trying to force people to choose Android over the Windows Phone platform.

But Microsoft is also playing its part of the game pretty well. The company has confirmed once again that it will be bringing the CalDAV and CardDAV support to Windows Phone pretty soon. There is no actual date for this update yet, but it is on its way. A product manager from Microsoft confirmed this once again in an interview with Heise at the CEBIT event.

So, if you already have a Windows Phone device connected to your Google account, do not remove the device from the services if you want that device to last on Google’s network. Even after the CalDAV and CardDAV support update, it is not sure how well Google’s customers on Windows Phone will react to this.

There may be some actual migration to Android from Windows Phone and the market share of Windows Phone may go down suddenly. But if Microsoft succeeds in delivering the update well before the deadline, people may still prefer Windows Phone over Android. The Redmond based company is already supposed to release the GDR2 update to its customers, and they have been waiting for it for some time now. If customers get frustrated for no timely updates, that could also be a problem. This is very common in the Android world.

Source: WM Power User

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