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Bye Facebook, Start Getting Real Face-Time

cell lockIsn’t it annoying when you are trying to talk to someone but they have their face planted on a smartphone, or when you’re on a date but your date stops the conversation after every ten minutes to tweet about your hilarious joke.

All that is highly frustrating and it takes a special kind of patience to persevere through it. Yes, the world has become a place where face to face communication is slowly dying out. However, all that is about to change thanks to a toy that promises to ensure face-time is not cut-off to go to Facebook.

When I mentioned toy I meant just that. The toy is called Cell Lock-up. It is basically a prison cell complete with bunk beds and cell bars. It can lock-up up to six smartphones for up to 15 minutes and the voice of a warden calls the “sentence” out and the same voice raises an alert if someone tries to spree the smartphone to freedom before time is up. You can still charge your smartphone through the lock-up. This is allowed by a space at the back of the toy meant to run wires through.

However, when people hear toy they think that it is something meant for children. In a sense that is true because it is meant to ensure that smartphone addicted kids do not surf through the web during family time but it is a toy that can be used on anyone. If your husband is focusing too much on his emails rather than the dinner you prepared for him you can lock his cell up. Maybe the term “toy” is what might drive potential customers away. Let’s call it an accessory.

The “accessory” will take you back $20 which is a reasonable price to pay so as to enjoy actual face-time with someone. It might be a bit frustrating at first but the family will get used to the idea. This “accessory” will promote a traditional sense of time well spent. Give it a go.

Via DailyComet

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