Burn Note app offers new security features for messages including a self destruct feature

Call its makers “Paranoid Extreme”, but the Burn Note app is back with a bang. For those who are not aware of the obsession, Burn Note is an app to protect your private messages. The app made its debut in January 2012 but did not make a big impact on the app stores. But its developers have not given up. Burn Note has been updated to offer new, hardcore protective features to protect your most confidential messages. Espionage and political coups on your mind anyone?

burn2A joke apart, the app does make sense given that so many hackers and apps and services can track your every move, message, phone call and online behavior. Confidential information like bank account numbers, safe combinations and other private data can now be sent over messages with this new app update. One of its new features is the limited viewing angle to prevent the recipient from capturing a screen shot of the message. Another feature is only bits of the message are exposed so surreptitious attempts to glean information do not succeed. A third great feature is that the message automatically self destructs after a time interval set by the user or the app itself elapses. This is a very small window so that the recipient cannot read and forward the message in this interval. Once the message is destroyed, its contents are removed from both the sender and receiver devices.

The app may seem over-the-top at first but users will soon come to appreciate the provision to ensure their messages remain confidential and protected.


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