Bring back sweet memories with Throwback!

Throwback is yet another photo-sharing app but it offers users something new, and old! The app has accurately captured a powerful emotion, “nostalgia”, using photo-sharing technology. The concept is simplicity itself. The app lets you take a snap of a friend, location or family member and send it to yourself or a group of friends sometime in the future, triggering fond memories of fun times together. The earliest you will receive a picture is a month after you use the app to capture the image.

throw2Once you receive the picture, a month or later, you can save it to your system and recount fun days spent with special people in your life. The app does not even let you see the picture until after a month of snapping it. Working with the app is easy. You register an email address and then choose whether to take a new snap or choose from an existing one.  The app allows you to choose a date and time range or sends it on a random date anytime after a month if you click the “Surprise” option.

A nice feature of the app is that it is separate from social networks and does not integrate with any Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social network where users flood their profiles with dozens of pictures and videos. The app aims at recreating special memories by posting one special picture after a few months or years, so that it is still cherished by the user after all that time.

Throwback is available for download on iOS devices for free.


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