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Brewing War: Top Samsung and Apple Nightmares

samsung appleWith the entire current rave about the Galaxy S4 this year, the S3 and the iPhone 5 last year people almost forgot that there are quite a number of smartphone manufacturers in the world. Unfortunately, the fact that we live in a world where people would rather buy brand as oppose to quality is probably the reason for all the fracas. However, all that is likely to change (well, maybe not).

Recently, Sony CEO announced that he wants his company to make it to third position in the smartphone race. Yes, no one sees the point in trying to be third but under the current state of affairs it probably makes sense. With Apple and Samsung making up 52% of the total smartphone sales worldwide you can see why being third is on its own an achievement. But even making it to third will be an issue because we have the likes of Huawei which was able to make the third position in the Q4 last year. How were they able to do this? According to their CFO Cathy Meng it was all due to their tireless effort to maximize value for the customer. That might be a reason but we know the real reason lies in everything from the manufacturing process which is very cheap in their country to the fact that Huawei and ZTE (fifth in the race) are probably some of the only smartphone manufacturing brands that the 420 million smartphone users in China know. Yup, we know why they are in the third position.

Not only are they the third in the world but their sales are growing faster than that of Samsung. On top of that Sony and ZTE are growing faster than Apple. Maybe, just maybe the world’s top two could lose their positions.

However, that is highly unlikely if you consider the fact that nobody is eying fast place so far. That plus the fact that everyone at the top is using Google’s Android apart from the trendy iPhone. There have been speculations that Windows Phone, Blackberry OS, and even Mozilla OS could be the future of the industry. Yes, that goes to show that Samsung and Apple may have beaten off more than they can chew.

Via LaptopMag

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