Break Out of Your Default Browser in iOS

If jailbreaking is your intention to get free from using Safari as the only browser on your iPhone, then you ought to read the article to know it all. Following the simple rules will give you the freedom of using either one particular browser and/or multiple browsers at a time.browser2

  1. As a first step, you just need to go to Cydia and look for the “BrowserChooser” application. Appearing first on the result list, the app will allow you to choose from a selection of browsers on an iPhone on which you want to open a link. Now for the easy installing process you just need to prod the blue icon on the top right end for confirmation. At the end of the installation process, you will be required to restart the iPhone.
  2. Now to your delight, the “BrowserChooser” will appear at the bottom of your iOS app settings. This new app when selected will give you the liberty to choose your preferred browser from the installed list. You can mark your chosen alternative as the default browser by tapping the particular browser option.

Now whenever you may try to browse, the selected browser will act as the default one. But if you want to use multiple browsers, then you do not require to check mark a particular browser from the “BrowserChooser” list, keeping all the options available at a time for you to choose while opening a link.

It gives you a wonderful chance to use your iPhone’s iOS as well as the benefits of third party browser’s account sync or encryption features. The multiple browser choosing option will also be useful in case your iPhone has multiple users and everyone has their own preferred browser choices.

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