Blue, the hottest and newest color in town?

blue2Rumors abound about Microsoft’s next Windows release, codenamed Blue. Said to be an improvement over Windows 8, there is no comment or confirmation from Microsoft about when Blue is slated for release or what Windows fans can expected out of it. Those in the know predict a summer 2013 release for the new OS, but when the operating system will actually integrate with hardware and be available to consumers is anyone’s guess.

The operating system has tweaked the user interface to include new versions of Internet Explorer, Mail services, Calendar application and search engine Bing. Also expected are kernel and driver updates to enhance battery life and performance of all devices running Blue OS. Other interesting features available with Blue are scalability improvements for Windows store apps to render accurately when launched on different sized displays. Blue will take care of compatibility issues on smaller displays like Windows phones to larger screen like tablets and laptops running the OS. Windows 8 already offers optimized rendering on different screen sizes so this is an area Microsoft is familiar with and can easily provide with Blue.

According to sources, Blue will be offered as a free upgrade from Windows 8, similar to Apple’s offering of an upgrade to the latest iOS version for a small fee. While there is not much information available about the new operating system, all Windows phones, servers, applications like Outlook and SkyDrive will be “Blue” washed in the near future.

There has been no confirmation about the OS or its application to new phones and computers. Microsoft however, will have to follow up Windows 8 with a great new OS like Apple does with its iOS updates and speculation is rife about Blue being the next big thing.


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