BlackBerry Z10 to finally get WhatsApp!

After former RIM revamped its product line to launch the new BlackBerry there has not been much support in terms of follow up with great apps in the BlackBerry world store. BB has taken its time to bring WhatsApp, one of the world’s most popular apps into the new Z10. WhatsApp has been a part of Android and iOS for a while now, and it is about time BlackBerry got a native app for its users. Messaging, file, video and audio sharing and message broadcasting are some of the features BB users have been missing out on without a native WhatsApp app available on BB stores.

whats2WhatsApp is a variant to BlackBerry’s own BB Messenger app. While BBM works well within its own circle of devices interfacing with other phones is a problem with Z10 users. With the launch of the new WhatsApp app on BB, Z10 users will find it much easier to communicate and share with users with smart phones running android and iOS.

In addition to WhatsApp, Blackberry’s Z10 is also offering BBM on a Wi-Fi connection, something that was not present previously and BBM has to run on a BlackBerry plan to use the messaging feature. With these new features on the Z10, BlackBerry is finally in sync with the rest of the world. Z10 users will also like to see many fun and interesting apps on iOS and Android stores ported to BlackBerry for entertainment and daily use. iOS and Android are flooded with a range of utility, sports, entertainment and other great new apps that have not yet come to the Z10. The flagship offering from BB, the BlackBerry Z10 is the gateway to a whole new world for BB users. BB fans will soon enjoy a host of apps on the Z10 with an improved world of BlackBerry app store and app porting.

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