BlackBerry to upgrade its PlayBook

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins

If you are the Chief Executive Office of BlackBerry, then you have a lot going on inside your head at any given time. This is for sure, because the company is at a loss and it is working on a lot of things which a very small time to market window. This is because there are many other similar companies in the world which are working on almost the same thing and producing better products than BlackBerry. The company, however, has managed to stage a good come back.

Now, the company says it is working on porting the new BlackBerry 10 operating system to the very well known loss of the company, the Play Book tablet. Yes, BlackBerry’s CEO Thorsten Heins gave out the statement while talking at a tech conference near the company’s headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario: “Yes, we have teams working on BB10 for the PlayBook.” This means that almost all the frustrated owners of the BlackBerry Play Book tablet have something to look forward to for their tablets.

There is no news if the company is the company is working on some new tablets or will just be updating the Play Book. It would actually be good to see a new tablet for the new software and the new operating system that the company has. And on a different note, the CEO commented on Google’s Android and other smart phone manufacturers in the market such as Samsung and Apple. He said that the consumers have only two options in the market when it comes to smart phone: Samsung and Apple. And BlackBerry is working on changing that.

“Carrier and consumers are tired of having only two choices right now, and that’s Samsung and Apple,” Heins said. “Duopolies are very dangerous.” The CEO also commented on the security issues found in the open source and the open operating system, Android. With open operating systems like Android, Heins said, “It’s like there’s a big main door to your house and you don’t know how many keys there are.” We would be happy to see an operating system from BlackBerry which would give a solution to all this.

Source: Market Watch