Blackberry Mystery Buyer Revealed By Analyst

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Blackberry seems to be on the good side of the competition recently especially with the release of its new Z10 model. According to CNET, the fourth fiscal quarter report of the company seems favorable as it displayed a $98 million profit or 19 cents per share. After huge losses in the year before that, Blackberry seems to be getting a sign of relief.

The most important factor that catapulted their income is the major purchase that their silent partner made during that fiscal year which involved 1 million units of the Blackberry Z10. The transaction was made in a single order and it was officially announced by Blackberry’s CEO Thorsten Heins last month. This actually marks the largest single purchase made to the company so far said the CEO.

With the announcement made by Heins before the official release of the handset in the U.S., many were wondering about the unnamed company which was mentioned by the Blackberry CEO as its “silent partner”. Some even thought that it was only a marketing strategy to build up publicity. But thanks to TheGuardian, we now have an idea what company that is.

According to the news source, the Blackberry mystery buyer who made an overwhelming purchase of 1 million units of its Z10 is none other than Brightstar. Based on the UK-based tech news portal, the details about the Blackberry mystery buyer were revealed by the research firm called Detwiler Fenton & Co through its managing director, Mark Gerber.

The report said that Brightstar is a big company that serves as a major electronics distributor to major smartphone retailers in the U.S. like malls including the second biggest wireless carrier, Verizon.

Why Brightstar?

Gerber’s revelation came as a surprise to many especially with Verizon’s decision to acquire the units from Brightstar and not directly from Blackberry. He commented that Verizon’s decision to use Brightstar for the acquisition of units is actually a bad sign for investors.

The move just shows that the second largest carrier in the U.S. is actually limiting its orders because it is not that confident with the product, Gerber says. So, it seems that the carrier is actually playing it safe. Gerber stated that with Brightstar having the contract with Blackberry, it actually assumes the risk of having unsold products in its inventory which is something that Verizon is avoiding.

Blackberry’s Comment

When a Blackberry spokesperson was asked whether Brightstar is really the Blackberry mystery buyer who made a single purchase of 1 million units of the Z10, the person declined to provide the company’s side of the story. It cited the confidentiality clause that they have with their partner as a reason for not being able to disclose their information publicly.

Source: TheGuardian

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