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BlackBerry may be working on a dual screen smartphone

BlackBerry dual screen smart phone patent

It is very rare that we see something really awesome in the smart phone market. Before the Apple iPhone happened, each phone manufacturer had its own way of designing smart phones, and we have so many form factors, namely candy bar, clamshell, slider, and much more. But now, it is just a candy bar with a big touch screen up front and a camera and flash and speakers on the back. There is nothing else to it. But note that I am not complaining here, this is kind of neat. But there is no much innovation in the design part.

But BlackBerry seems to have something different going on, not new, but different. According to a new patent filing by BlackBerry that was discovered late last night, the company has or at least had plans of building a dual screen smart phone. It would actually be good to have such an option in the market. I would definitely buy one, because I just love anything with good displays on them.

Anyway, we can safely assume that this matter has not any further than filing a patent, because this is the first time we are hearing about this, and BlackBerry would not be willing to take such a risk at this time. Anyway, coming back to the concept itself, this is not the first time we are looking at something like this. We have seen smart phones with dual screens before.

Just like others, this BlackBerry smart phone would consider each display as an independent display, which would allow it to display two different items or apps on the displays. Each display could be controlled independently using gestures that the operating system recognizes. And there is also a pinch to zoom kind of gesture which could be used to swap the items on the display. And if need be, one display can be used as the input and the other could be used as the output. Will we be seeing this in the market anytime soon? That is just anybody’s guess.

Source: Engadget

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