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Blackberry gets an order of 1 million BB10 devices from its partner


Looks like Blackberry just made the deal of their history. According to reports, Blackberry has received an order to the extent of 1 million of their BB10 smart phones from an established partner. This is the largest order for the company since its inception.

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The company has not yet revealed the details about the order like who placed the order or what is the total time frame of the order (due to confidentiality agreements), however, the company confirms that the purchaser is one of its existing partners. Seeing that the order is for a staggering 1 million devices, our first guess about the purchaser would be the Canadian Government. Other possible purchasers can be the Indian or the Israeli Governments but given hat the order is of 1 million handsets, our guess is practically limited.

This order would definitely be a boost to the company’s morale; however, we can’t expect the company to succeed with just one large order. Unless and until we come to know the exact purchaser of these 1 million handsets, we can’t comment anything. Even if the purchase partner is a carrier, the next important thing for the company would be to ensure that these handsets reach the hands of the customers.

BlackBerry EVP Rick Costanzo said that “an order for one million devices is a tremendous vote of confidence in BlackBerry 10. He further added “Consumers are ready for a new user experience, and BlackBerry 10 delivers. With strong partner support, coupled with this truly re-invented new platform, we have a powerful recipe for success.”

Blackberry 10 OS was the company’s survival strategy. Over the past few years the popularity of the company had declined and the company was struggling with its outdated BlackBerry OS.

The launch of Z10 and Q10 on January 31st marked a new turning point in the company’s history. The entire user interface was revamped with the addition of gesture controls and an all new blackberry hub.

Blackberry Z10 is a full touch screen phone while the Q10 features the traditional blackberry QWERTY keypad.  Blackberry Z10 is already available in a number of markets worldwide and would be releasing in US this month. Q10 would be launched a little later, mostly around April end.

Hearing the news about the order, the blackberry shares went up by 5%. The quarterly results are due this 28th and we would have to wait for these reports to judge the performance of the company so far.

via Electronista News

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