Blackberry CEO Says the iPhone is Old News

[Photo Source: CNET]
Blackberry CEO speaking at an event. [Photo Source: CNET]
In a recent interview with Thorsten Heins, Blackberry CEO, he said that the iPhone is becoming old news, especially that the Blackberry Z10 is about to make its debut. He added that the signature product of Apple is hardly in the race now because it is quickly becoming outdated.

In the report of Gizmodo, Heins admitted that Apple has been highly successful with their iPhone because of its numerous features which improved its user interface and design. However, he said that history is about to repeat itself. This time, Apple will be at a disadvantage.

Heins stated that the smartphone industry’s rate of innovation is so high. If one company cannot keep up with that, they can be replaced as quickly as they came in. So, if Apple does not do something about it, they will be left out because their technology is already five years old, the Blackberry CEO added.

The boss of Blackberry further commented that they are already on the starting grid of the race and they are definitely determined to win it.

The Reaction of Critics

This apparently gained mixed reactions from critics. Of course, this did not go well with Apple fans. Some viewed this as a big joke as the Z10 is Blackberry’s last chance of redemption in the mobile phone industry. Others even said that Hein’s company is in no position to say that they can topple the iPhone because it is more believable if it was Samsung making such claim.

In the Blackberry CEO’s statement that they are already on the starting grid, I share Gizmodo’s view that being on the starting grid is no guarantee that you will win the race. Winning the race depends on how fast you get to the finish line, not on how early you start it.

On the other hand, I think it is still too early for us to pass judgment on the Blackberry Z10. So far, there are only a few details about the features of the device that have been circulating. Who knows, they might have the right cards this time that will turn things in their favor like their new operating system called the Blackberry 10.

In addition, there might be something more that the new gadget possesses that we haven’t seen yet. According to the news that has been circulating lately in various tech sites, a silent partner of the mobile giant immediately placed an order of around 1 million units of the Z10 which marks the company’s largest single batch of purchase so far.

Many may agree too that the claim of Heins is ridiculous, but we can’t really blame him. It’s his job to build up hype for his product in order to give people something to look forward to.

The Release of the Blackberry Z10

Following the Samsung Galaxy S4’s successful launching in the U.S., Blackberry is aiming to top it off with their own U.S. launching event on March 21. The Blackberry Z10 will be unveiled also in New York at 7PM EDT. Popular artists will be gracing this event as well. There’s no mention of Alicia Keys though who was appointed as the company’s Global Creative Director months earlier.

BlackBerry Invitation
Z10 launching invitation. [Photo Source: CNET]
Source: Gizmodo

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