BlackBerry 10 only offers 34% of the most popular iOS, Android apps.

BB10When Apple released its first iPhone back in 2007 it changed the way we interact with our phones and this was a start of a new era in smartphone world. Nokia and Blackberry were the smartphone kings by that time but iPhone gave them a tough time forcing them to change their strategies. Nokia discontinued its Symbian OS while BlackBerry took a big step forward and came up with a newly designed OS now known as BlackBerry 10. January 30, 2013 was a big day for Blackberry, with release of BlackBerry 10 it was a new start after a long struggle for the Canadian company.

BlackBerry 10 is heavily based on gestures and its virtual keyboard is getting some nice reviews from the users. This was a do or die situation for Blackberry and with the release of BlackBerry 10, the Canadian company was hoping for a good start. Recent reports have indicated that BlackBerry is getting a good response and recently unnamed BlackBerry partner has ordered 1 million BlackBerry 10 phones which is surely a huge number. Z10 was the first Blackberry device to run OS10 and no doubt it is a very capable phone. It may not compete with the top dogs in the smart phone market like newly announced Galaxy SIV but still this is a good beginning from BlackBerry.


Every smartphone OS is always recognized by the quantity and the quality of the apps available. We have already seen the downfall of Symbian, Bada and Meego OS just because of the lack of quality apps.

According to a survey, an average smartphone user downloads about 30-40 apps; iPhone users toped the survey with 40 apps downloaded per phone while BlackBerry users download only 14 apps per device.Now a new report has revealed that BlackBerry 10 only offers 34% of the most popular iOS, Android apps while Windows phone 8 offers 63% of the most popular iOS and Android apps. This clearly shows that BlackBerry 10 has some serious apps problem which is not good for the company. Today apps play a major role in the development of any smartphone OS and an iOS user or an Android user will never opt for Blackberry if popular apps do not make their appearance on the new OS10.

Windows Phone 8 is comparatively a new OS but with 63% it clearly has an edge over OS10. BlackBerry is working hard to catch up with the Play Store and iTunes store and according to BlackBerry spokesperson; we will see most of the popular apps like whatsapp coming to OS10 in March. At the time of its release, BlackBerry 10 had 70,000 third party apps, but the question remains the same; will a smartphone user prefer quantity of the apps over the quality?? I think No!!!





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  1. Ported Android apps work great, we have Instagram, Netflix, Kik, snapchat, flickr, gifboom, just to name a few all working.

  2. re: Today apps play a major role in the development of any smartphone OS

    According to a recent Neilson survey only 2% of smartphone purchasers list app selection as the major selling point.

    Who needs (cr)apps when you have the best browser anyways?

  3. Title should read:

    “BlackBerry 10 Makes Perfect Sense for BYOD as Android and Apple are full of Fart Apps”

  4. who cares if you got all the apps? bb10 already has most of the main relevant apps and the rest are coming in the next few weeks.. its the functionality that matters, and the bb10 is awesome in that regard… i

  5. If you actually read the PCWorld study that this article is based on (hit the ‘via’ link at the bottom of the article), you’ll see that iOS only has around 50 of the “top” 102 apps that the study tracked and that Android only has 68 of them! Thus reporting the raw numbers shows that BB10’s score of about 35 (with apps like Whatsapp coming available recently and several other top apps coming very soon) is amazing given that they’ve only been on the market a couple of months!

  6. The BB10 isn’t even out in the US yet, which is a major market. I doubt windows phone had 63% of “popular” apps (whatever those are) when it wasn’t in the US. You’re not comparing apples to apples here (no pun intended). But you did your job and got people to read your article. So great work.

    Catchy provocative headline, but bad reporting.

  7. Funny this is a release from “The Droid Guy” 90% of my droid apps crashed or were junk. Very few people use more than 10 apps and most download the free ones play them a couple times and then delete. The app thing is not a game changer and BB will have many more to come. I’m sure BB will also have some that Droid wont have. Face it AAPL and Android are stale OS, QNX is about to do some incredible things just wait and see !!!

  8. Well, and the number of BlackBerry apps will rise in the next time, because BB10 is a great platform and even for developers!

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