Bionfly Android Game Review

Retro games are becoming quite popular on Android devices nowadays. Despite devices coming with quad core processor or powerful graphics chips a lot of people are still looking for those games that require less hardware power and look like the 16- bit games of the past.

A new title has just been made available for the Android platform that’s as old school as it can get. The game which is called Bionfly and developed by theOmenbit is a 2D sidescroller that lets you control a mustached robot avoiding various obstacles while collecting Onyxs stones along the way.

Bionfly is now available free to download over at Google Play. You will need a device running on at least Android 2.1 and a storage space of 17 MB. Be aware that since the game is free it will contain advertisements from third parties.

The objective of the game is to complete each level without your character getting killed. While it may be tempting to get all of the Onyxs stones you can actually skip this part since all it does is just add to your overall score on each level completed. While the obstacles may be a bit tricky with spikes, pits and all sorts of barriers which you will encounter you will have the help of your trusty jet pack to navigate around. The bad news is that the jet pack does not have unlimited fuel and you’ll have to recharge it from time to time by standing on ground.

As far as controls goes everything is quite simple. On the left side of the screen are two arrows that let your character move left or right. The right side of the screen holds the jump/fly button.

What’s probably the best feature of the game is its use of a lo-fi soundtrack that brings back memories of old school games.

As of now there are 20 levels available for you to complete. This may look to short but you will spend countless hours on these 20 levels if you are aiming for a perfect score.

Some of the game features include

  • Graphics based in pixel-art
  • Lo-fi soundtrack for Hi-Tech people. Chiptune Sound
  • Levels locked with conditions
  • 20 levels available
  • Permanent updates with new levels

If you are into retro games then you should check out this free title now.

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