Beta ROM allows HTC One Droid DNA to Sample Sense 5

htc sense 5What sets smartphones apart from one another heavily relies on their manufacturers and some of their distinguishing features. Their operating systems, user interface and their design outlook are some of the features which make these devices standout. The news that the HTC One Droid DNA Smartphone will taste the Sense 5 technology could not come at any better time. The HTC One Droid DNA is a flagship phone of the Verizon. But this is expected to change soon as rumor has it that the company is intending to make another addition into its line.  Verizon HTC One is the device that is being expected.

All along consumers have been known to have a preference for the vanilla OS and the experience it brings while at the same time preferring manufacturers created skins such as the sense 5 user interface. Lucky for the HTC One Droid DNA, it will be getting the latest update of the sense 5 UI. According to reports, it has been confirmed that one of the DNA variant i.e. the Butterfly will be receiving this futuristic update. The report continues to say that if you are, as the consumer familiar with device flashing; you can treat yourself to an early X-mass.

A forum hosted by XDA Developers member newtoroot has gone to extreme lengths in trying to come up with a beta version of the sense 5 UI for the DNA variant.  For those who are for the idea of trying new things, the skin update can be found at the source link. Get the file and begin having a taste of what the future has in store for you. With technology it is all about taking risks, unless you take that risk, chances are that you will be left behind.

Via Engadget

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