Beast Outlook Comparison – HTC One vs iPhone 5

Those who have said the HTC One looks somehow similar to the iPhone 5 after the release of HTC One, think again because the two beasts holding the flagship of HTC and Apple are different on their own level of beauty.

htc2Once you get your hands on the two devices only then you’ll feel the variant ways these two devices give you through premium gestures. The first difference you’ll notice is the size. HTC One is much taller than iPhone 5 beating about a centimeter or more (14mm to be precise). HTC One has a bigger screen compared to iPhone 5 and much wider too. HTC One has 4.7 inch full capacitive screen whereas iPhone 5 has only 4inch. Another dimension where you might feel the difference is the slides of HTC One and the sharp rectangle ends of iPhone 5. HTC One has sloppier sides and gives you a feeling of having fat stomach as the battery rests in the gut of your smartphone. It fits onto your palms gently though having a bigger screen and the iPhone 5 shapes itself just like a box on your hands.

iPhone 5 has a plus point on its weight since it’s lighter than HTC One of about 30 grams. To be honest, iPhone has a much smaller screen so the point of being lighter falls in line. Other than that, HTC One leaves no chance for iPhone 5 on the sound quality as it provides front stereo speaker which can blow your mind away.

The only similarity we can make is that metal is residing on both of their built. Apart from that, two beasts are far more distant than being similar.


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