Beam Player: A Folder Based Android Music Player

One of the best things about the Android system is that it allows people to customize it anyway they want. Advanced users may want to replace the stock ROM with one of the popular one’s available today or if you are a regular user you can download various apps that you feel comfortable using.

beam player

In terms of music playing capabilities I’ve always wanted a music player that allows me to create a playlist from a folder. It’s convenient since all you have to do is place a group of songs in a particular folder then copy them in the microSD card of your device. This way you can easily create folders for Rock, Pop, and RNB for example and can easily play a particular genre of music depending on your mood. This isn’t possible with the stock music player or from most of the other players that you can download.

There is one player available over at Google Play that can play music from your folders. This is Beam Player which is developed by Audren Teissier. The free version of this app is supported by ads while the pro version without the ads will cost $2.01. To be able to use this app you need a device running on at least Android 4.0.3.

Beam Player has a simple and clean interface and lets you do only one thing and that is to browse for and play music from a folder. On top of the app are three tabs which you can navigate which are recent, favorite, and folders. The first time you run this app it will ask you to search for the default folder that contains your music files.

As far as personalization goes there are five different theme choices for you to choose from. Each of the available themes is clean and nice to use.

If you are looking for a music player that allows you to play songs from a folder then give this app a try.