Battle Racing 3D, top rated racing game for Android!

Every boy and every girl loves racing games. The speed, the competition and the need to win has made racing an exciting game experience. This genre of games is timeless and will never become obsolete given the world’s obsession with faster, sleeker, hotter cars. From rally racing to street racing to F1 laps, racing games have always captivated children. Developers have created neat new games for the android platform, ranging from the intense racing for adults to cute, animated racing for kids.

battle2An adrenaline pumping racing game for kids available on Google’s Play store is Battle Racing 3D. Meant for tweens and teens, this game offers super racing at high altitudes. Twist your phone and tablet screens to take those sharp curves and bends without losing control! Battle Racing offers you five original mean machine models to choose from. Each has a unique style, hot look and power packed performance. Android offers the game in 3D which looks and feels fantastic on a high end phone sporting a high resolution display. You can unlock different levels and models as you go along and win more races. There are two modes-Battle modes to fight your competition and Time Attack mode where you are pitted against time. Neat graphics, smooth racing, and exciting competition keeps you glued to your screen!

Battle Racing 3D runs on all devices featuring Android 2.1 and up so it is available to almost all the phones and tablets in the market today.  Kids will enjoy the drama unfolding at high altitudes!

This offering from Android works on Samsung, Sony, Nexus, Motorola and Huawei devices all running Android OS. The graphics are simple yet effective in spurring the player to clinch that race!


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