Battery Doctor – An App Can Change Your Habit of Charging

The more powerful your smartphone is, the more pressure you tend to put on it. It’s evident that Android smartphones hardly last a single day for normal usage. There are plenty of battery management apps out  on the market to show the full battery features and tips on how to extend your battery life. But, Battery Doctor has come up with new quality based management that can ensure maximum battery life and also fixing your habit of charging your smartphone.

batdoc2We often put our phones on charge in the night and take it back in the morning without realizing the effect we demise. All day longer, we hardly get time to optimize our battery to get the most out of it and as a result it drains energy much faster than expected. Battery Doctor comes with great solutions for it. It encourages using less cycles for your battery so that it maximizes its longevity.

Suppose you’re at 64 percent charge, this app won’t only tell you this, but also it will show you to charge after an estimated amount of time like 45 minutes later. It never lets your phone go under 20 percent which is a good sign for ensuring battery management.

Battery Doctor is an ad-free app that you can try out on your Android smartphone. Play with the tweaks and tips it offers and it won’t disappoint you ensuring the best management system for your smartphone battery.

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