Bacteria ‘Art Project’: Disgusting Bacteria your Phone Harbor

Smartphone BacteriaWe are all filthy, very dirty. By this I mean anyone who owns a smartphone. After seeing the kinds of bacteria that our ‘clean and shiny’ smartphones harbor, I believe something I read awhile back that my smartphone could have as much as double the germs found on an ordinary toilet seat.

In a very spectacularly ugly case of mirroring life, microbiology department students at the University of Surrey, UK, have managed to turn life into art, literally, by cultivating bacteria found on smartphones in petri-dishes. They let the bacteria sit and grow for three days and took pictures of them, showing just how magnificent bacteria can grow to be. The pictures of the bacteria look like nothing disgusting at first – just beautiful art you wouldn’t mind setting as your desktop background. However, the images are magnified many times to make them visible.

If you thought your mobile phone is clean and your best friend, you should see the photographs of the bacteria it cultivates. In a witty statement, Simon Park, lecturer whose class created the bacteria art, says that mobile phones do not just keep telephone numbers; it also nurtures the results of a phone’s history including physical contacts with elements such as soil and other people.

Most of the bacteria cultivated was harmless, but they are still scary knowing that they are microscopic. Other scary elements were uncovered too such as sinusitis, Staphylococcus aureus, food poisoning and boils. To make the matters worse, smartphones with touchscreens were discovered to harbor bacteria all over their surfaces unlike non-smartphones whose yucky bacteria was only concentrated on the keyboard area.

The bacteria images are proof that anti-bacterial smartphone wipes, which are currently available on the market but almost everyone doesn’t bother getting yet, are essential to maintaining a hygienic and clean bacteria-free smartphone. After a research, British researchers discovered that mobile phones have as much as 18 times more bacteria than the flush handle in a men’s toilet – and we all know how that looks like.
You have to keep your smartphone clean and ensure that these bacteria do not grow on your phone. Here are a few tips on how to achieve this:

  • Most importantly, you have to add smartphone wipes on your budget list. Wipe your phone as regularly as possible. The bacteria on this post was cultivated in just three days, you should therefore wipe your phone thoroughly at least once every two days.
  • Have anti-bacterial wipes for your face and your hands as well. Cleaning the phone is not enough, if your hands are dirty, they bacteria will just transfer back to the handset.
  • Do not take your phone with you when you go to the bathroom.
  • Always wash your hands with soap when you go to the bathroom.

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