AWS’s new job listing reveals “A New Business” in the mobile sector

Amazon Web Services

Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web Services) is one awesome business. The servers are maintained good with almost 100% uptime, and are available at very less costs, sometimes literally for free. That has been the business model of the company for some time: give as many services as you possibly can, and have a very small profit margin. This will drive customers towards you. Now, with all the success in all its businesses, Amazon is going to start a new one, as it says so in its new job listing which Tech Crunch discovered both the company’s website and on Stack Overflow.

According to the new job listing, the company’s AWS team is working on a new business, and the company wants to build “amazing customer experiences on tablet and mobile apps on Android or iOS platform.” The job listing says the following:

In this role, you will be responsible for creating and owning world-class production tablet and web client applications across major platforms including iOS and Android … As a member of the founding team, you will have significant influence on our overall strategy by helping define the product features, drive system architecture, and spearhead the best practices that enable a quality v1 product setting the ground work for a successful v2 and beyond.

There is no idea yet what the company has in its mind. But the company is going to do something that it has never done before, writing apps for mobile phones and tablets. This team is going to be small, iterating quickly in a “hyper-growth environment where priorities shift fast,” as Tech Crunch writes.

Will these apps allow enterprises to monitor and control the servers they have at AWS? Or will this be something completely different from the company’s server business? Well, we do not know anything. But we will hear more about this very soon.

Source: Tech Crunch

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