AVG Pro free download on future Samsung models Galaxy S4, Samsung Note 10.0 and beyond


Leading Antivirus software provider AVG has taken top slot in the app domain as well. The app has to its credit over a millions downloads and a huge margin over its competitors like Avast and other antivirus software. The company is now partnering with Samsung to provide AVG antivirus to all consumers buying Samsung phones and tablets. AVG and Samsung have struck a deal in which AVG allows users to download the pro version of the AntiVirus Pro app for free from the Samsung app store. The current price of the pro version of the app is 9.49 pounds on Google Play.

anti2 Given the kind of malware and viruses infesting the web today, every Smartphone owner requires antivirus and antitheft software on their phones. With smarter and smarter technology, owners now store tickets, boarding passes and other important virtual documents in apps like Wallet and Passbook. Without antivirus software, any virus hitting the phone could cause a loss of a lot of money and personal data that could be misused. AVG’s antivirus software provides features like malware, virus, spyware detection and destruction, web address real time checking for safe browsing, scanning emails, documents and other downloaded apps to protect the phone against malware. The app also optimizes the phone’s battery for better performance and longer life. The Pro version of the app provides enhanced features from the basic version. With AVG installed on the phone, users do not have to worry about suspicious sites and software since the app will take care of potential viruses and malware.

This feature will be available on future Samsung models like the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 10.0.

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