Avatar 2 could be shot using an Apple device? Great odds on this one!

Steven Spielberg didn’t have it easy but you do!  Great direction, cinematography, editing and camera angles at the touch of a finger with Apple’s new app TouchEdit. James Cameron’s Titanic and Avatar effects now on your iPhone screens! A brilliant new app from the masters, Apple has pulled yet another rabbit out the hat with Touch Edit!

tou2TouchEdit is a media editing software with a difference. Instead of timelines shown from right to left it works from left to right here. The skeuomorphic design is another differentiator. Once you have your media downloaded from dropbox or iTunes, you can edit this video in either the landscape or portrait mode. The landscape mode features two monitors and two timelines. One is the source media or film that is to be edited and the other is the final product. You drag and drop video portions from the top screen to the bottom one. Portrait offers you additional features like trimming, audio mixer and a conventional timeline. The app’s editing is based on flatbed editors.

The world will witness a slow but steady shift from conventional studio camera made movies to unconventional smartphone and tablet based movies, short films and documentaries. A documentary, titled ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ has won an Oscar at the recent event and this has been partially shot with an iPhone. With more and more phones incorporating powerful cameras, filmmaking will shift from studios to the palm of your hand with the kind of apps Apple is churning out. We can soon expect professional quality DJ and sound mixer apps to accompany video editing.

An Apple phone is a misnomer for the device that packs a host of features touching different parts of our lives, aside from mere phone calls and messaging!

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