AT&T to Start Unlocking Mobilephones

attUnlocking your mobile phone device is illegal. This stand was reach on the 26th of January 2013 after a petition to illegalize the activity was finally granted. Ever since the judgment was made, there have not been much discussions relating to the topic until now. This is slightly the opposite of what was being experienced before the petition. The whole idea of unlocking phones is not that common amongst the users but the discussions surrounding the whole topic calls for one’s attention. It looks as if AT & T has disregarded the sanction of illegalizing the act and they look as if they have every intention of following through with the idea. They are not alone. The White House, the FCC chairman and even the Wireless Consumer Choice Act are also contesting the sanction.

According to a statement issued on the Public Policy Blog, AT&T have said that they are willing to unlock the devices of their customers provided that they have the unlock code and that their clients meet every term of their service agreement. They reiterate to say that they have made this their policy and that they are more than willing to conduct what they refer to as a very simple activity. To demonstrate their seriousness and commitment to the activity, AT&T has even begun receiving online requests from Apple’s iPhone for the astounding service.

So who exactly is liable to enjoy this service? AT&T says anyone. Anyone who has fulfilled the following three terms and conditions;

  • The user should possess an account which has been operational for the last sixty days.
  • The account should also be free of any outstanding balances.
  • The customer should fulfill their service agreement.

To limit their customer from unlocking their devices and then migrating to other service providers, AT&T issued a statement claiming that they will be issuing their customers with a SIM card which will only allow them to be serviced by AT&T.

Via Android Community

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