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AT&T gets exclusive access to 64GB HTC One


If you are in the United States and waiting to get your hands on the newest edition to the HTC Android smart phone collection, then here is some piece of information for you. And if you did not understand what we are talking about, it is about the new HTC One, and the high end model of this smart phone is the 64 GB version. I know that there are a lot of people in the United States waiting to get their hands on the HTC One as soon as it reaches the shores of United States, but that is going to take some time as we already know there is a delay. But if you are waiting for the 64 GB version of the smart phone and if you are not on AT&T, then get ready to migrate to AT&T.

This is because the wireless carrier has just announced that the 64 GB of the smart phone will be exclusively available on AT&T, and this was announced via a new YouTube video on the company’s YouTube channel. You can have a look at the video below. And there is going to be a 32 GB version of the smart phone as well, which is, however, not exclusive to AT&T.

There is no much information about the launch date of the smart phone in the video. The 3+ minutes video is all about what the smart phone is capable of doing. And at one time, the wireless carrier just pops up the AT&T exclusive badge. Although, according to a report on Engadget, the launch date for the HTC One in the United States is going to be in April, and the delay is said to be due to the shortage in supply of the premium quality build material that the company is looking for. And that premium quality feel becomes very obvious when you hold the device in your hands.

Source: Electronista

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