AT&T Apple iPad Hacker Gets 41 Months Jail Time

Andrew Auernheimer, popularly known for his online handle “weev”, was sentenced by a federal judge to 41 months in prison. The sentencing is due to his involvement in the 2010 incident where 114,000 AT&T iPad users’ emails were hacked. He was found guilty on one count of identity fraud and one count of conspiracy to access a computer without authorization. After his release from prison he will further spend 3 years of supervised release. He and his co-defendant Daniel Spitler, who pled guily in 2011, were also ordered to pay AT&T $73,000 as restitution.

Back in 2010, Auernheimer and Spitler took advantage of a hole in AT&T’s iPad database that allowed anyone to access a user’s email address when the correct ICC-IDD was entered in the web panel. Both of them created a script that queried the website with ICC-IDD’s which resulted in thousands of emails being amassed.

Auernheimer held a press conference on the courthouse steps before the sentencing where he read John Keats’ The Fall of Hyperion and told the crowd that “I’m going to jail for doing arithmetic.” Just the night before his sentencing he replied to a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) where someone asked him what his plans were after serving time in prison “I am running for Congress there is a function called congressional immunity in our Constitution that allows you to drop information on the floor of the Congress or in the Federal Register and you cannot be sued for libel and they cannot hold a grand jury for evidence of criminal activity if I get to be elected to the house then I can drop hacks on the floor of Congress and be completely immune for doing so.”

Auernheimer will be making an appeal to the court’s decision but he says he does not regret his actions on the security flaw of AT&T.

via techcrunch

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