Apps for Monitoring Personalized Experiences vs. the Concierge


A recent trip outside the country introduced me to basic applications that allow a system to store information about the customer and provide him/her personalized experiences the next time he/she visits. This is a nifty feature; one that might completely overthrow the need for concierges, receptionists and front desk clerks in hotels and restaurants.

We have been so dependent on these people for the past decades that it took us a while to realize that such jobs can actually be done by digital application platforms. Every time we travel, we look for personalized experiences that will fulfill our expectations of the trip. That is why most of those who go on personal and business trips sign up for memberships in TripAdvisor, Agoda, TripIt and Yelp. These websites provide us the information we need about where we are going and what are going to do there. They have customizable search engines that can notify you through email about hotel discounts or trip suggestions.

Such functions will work the same way as an app that will be designed to get feedback from customers. No longer will your hotel or restaurant guests be asked to fill up feedback forms because they can simply do so through an app. It also reduces clutter and paper works. The app can come up with the needed statistics for customer service satisfaction surveys.

Aside from the fact that this kind of app will help businesses evaluate the needs of the customers in a more efficient way, it is also something that customers will approve of. Admittedly, most customers are too lazy to fill up feedback forms, especially one that requires them to rummage through their bags to look for a pen (which we always lose). An app will allow them to rate their stay at your hotel or the food in your restaurant or the service in your spa in a way that will not irritate them or consume most of their time.

Another benefit of having an app that can monitor personalized experiences is it will also help you better understand the needs of frequent and regular customers. Most business travelers stay in the same hotels whenever they visit one country. They sometimes establish relationships with the concierge and even the front desk clerks. But with many customers staying at your hotel or eating at your restaurant, it can be a little tedious to keep up with their preferences. Fortunately, if you have an app like this, you can keep up with the ever-changing preferences of your regular customers (or even those who just occasionally stay or dine at your hotel/restaurant).

The advent of technology has truly opened the doors for so many things that one can utilize to make their jobs a little easier and more efficient. Customers always feel the need to be cuddled and served by the best crew in your business. That is why it is important for a business owner to have an app that will synchronize the functions of the actual personnel and the personalized experiences that have to be provided for the customers.

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