Apple’s native Podcasts app receives update to fix playback issues and improve interface

Apple apps always offer the best customer experience with a long review process and top notch quality control. The apps are constantly updated to offer new, interesting and useful features. The Podcasts app has received an update to improve the iOS app, once criticized for playback problems and poor interface. Version 1.2 brings a new and improved interface to the table and as fixed reported issues. The new update also offers enhancements that users will find helpful.

pod2Users can generate their personal, customized playlist with a podcast of their choosing. New episodes for each chosen podcast are automatically updated. Users can also create an on the fly playlist that syncs with their iTunes library. Apple’s iCloud stores Stations for the podcasts that allow users to start the oldest unplayed episode or the newest stored episode. The iCloud podcasts are synced across Apple’s devices making it easier for users to watch recent episodes on any iDevice. Apple has improved the look and feel of the app with a cleaner, more practical interface. The playback issue where the podcast was not correctly resumed from the right point when users switched away and back to the app from another app or the home screen has also been fixed.

Apple’s own iOS store offers a lot of alternatives to the Podcasts app, edging its native app out of competition. With the new update, Podcasts is back in the game with a lot of users appreciating its new look.  Version 1.2 has revamped the app and brought it on par with other third party apps.


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