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Apple’s Jony Ive wants flat design for iOS

Jony Ive of Apple

iOS has been almost the same since the first iPhone, and I mean to say in the cosmetics department and not in the features department. The look and feel of the mobile operating system have not changed radically at all since the first version. And if you compare this with Android, which has seen many radical changes in the user interface department over the years, you can say that Apple’s iOS has been exactly the same ever since its release. But is it going to change anytime soon?

Last year, the Cupertino tech giant announced that the Senior Vice President of iOS Software, Scott Forstall, will be leaving the company. And this position will be filled by the company’s industrial design chief, Jony Ive. And according to a report on The Wall Street Journal, this change has led to the mobile user interface team getting early updates about the smart phone’s hardware design so that they could tune the user interface accordingly. And also, ever since Jony Ive accepted this responsibility of managing the user interface department as well, he has been sitting in review meetings to keep an eye on what’s happening.

And when a designer like himself is allowed to attend a meeting about designs, how can you not expect him to throw his opinions at you? And that too when he is leading the team? Well, this means that Jony Ive is pushing his own ideas for the user interface now, which is flatter version of what we are seeing now. Phone Dog writes:

During his meetings with the human interface software group, it’s said that Ive is pushing for a “flat design” to be implemented in the next version of iOS that’s described as “starker and simpler” than previous versions. The WSJ’s sources also indicate that it’s unlikely that we’ll see any major shifts in the OS, though, claiming that any alterations made to iOS will be “pretty conservative.”

And we do not know for sure yet whether we are going to see any such changes in the next version of iOS. But if you ask me, I would love some new visuals on the iPhone.

Source: Phone Dog

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