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Apple website occupies the 8th place in website popularity rankings


Apple has yet again proved that they are one of the best companies in the market today. A recent report from Comscore shows that Apple websites have gained a lot of visitors lately and now the company has moved from the 11th position to the 8th position in ranking of world’s most popular websites.

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Comscore measures the popularity of websites around the world on the basis of unique visits from different platforms like mobile phones, desktops and laptops. With the company using new Media Metrix® Multi-Platform to measure the visits, the current ranking has changed a lot. Apple has gained a lot with this new measurement system and has recorded around 115,000 visitors. This made the company jump from the previous 11th rank to the current 8th rank.

An excerpt from the blog post of the company which explains the effect of the new measurement platform is given below,

Multi-platform audience measurement immediately changes the established view of the digital landscape, with media properties’ audience sizes increasing, in addition to changes occurring within content category rankings. The average property within the Top 100 increased its audience size by an average of 38 percent, and 19 of those properties had incremental mobile (i.e. smartphone and tablet) audiences that extended the reach of their desktop audiences by at least 50 percent. The properties with the greatest incremental percentage gains from mobile were Groupon (223 percent), Zynga (211 percent) and Pandora (183 percent).

Without any doubt, Google sites retained its first position with 228,084 visits in February 2013 alone. This was around 16% more than the previously recorded figure. The second and the third place were occupied by Yahoo sites and Microsoft sites respectively. Facebook and Amazon sites were placed at 4th and 5th position. These sites also recorded growth in visitors during the month, however the growth was not as great as other websites like Zynga or Apple.

The inclusion of the mobile user rating actually is a practical move by the company as it would help to depict the true popularity of these websites. Given that the mobile phone users are increasing day by day, we can expect more visitors to access these websites through their smart phones rather than their PCs or laptops.

via Electronista News, Comscore

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