Apple to come out with budget iPhone 5

Apple seems to have adopted Samsung’s strategy to capture the smartphone market. The Korean company not only creates technologically advanced handsets like the Galaxy 4 but ensures that it caters to all sections of the market by offering mid and low range budget phones like the Ace Duos and other models that are cost effective yet offer good features for the price. Apple has taken a leaf out of Samsung’s book and will soon come out with low end iPhones.

ip2The new iPhone will be released this year, but will lack several of features that distinguish the top range models. For one, the budget phones will not come with RETINA display, a trademark of sort of Apple’s products. The phone will also feature a plastic and fiberglass hybrid casing, expected to be lighter than a pure plastic casing but heavier than the iPhone 5S body. A nice feature of the plastic casing is that Apple will be able to offer the phone in more colors. The screen will sport a 4 inch display.

This new offering from Apple is inline with the company’s strategy to generate more revenue by the end of 2014, an estimated $22 billion if rumors are to true. Last year the company released the iPad Mini, a toned down version of the original iPad aimed at those who wanted an affordable tablet branded with Apple’s logo.

The low cost iPhone 5 will be received well by the tech savvy community that enjoys great new technology but cannot afford the high end models.


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