Apple Still Dominates Smartphone Industry

Apple DominanceAccording to official reports released by ComScore today, it was reported that Apple has managed to gather a few more points in the market hence maintaining its number one spot as the best Smartphone maker in the US. Ever since the incorporation of the company, they have been making some of the sleekest iOS devices which have been hugely endorsed. The US market forms one their strongest hubs. According to the reports, Google still remains the leader platform in terms of the favored operating system. In the US alone, about 52.3% of the Smartphones run on Android platform.  It is therefore clear to say that these two companies i.e. Apple and Google are at the peak of their game.

An analysis of the Smartphone market shows that the numbers have been steadily increasing. The research showed that in the US alone, during the month of January, more than 129.4 million people possessed Smartphones. This was a 7% increase from what was recorded last year in the month of October. Considering the trends being reflected in the mobile telephony industry, the number of Smartphone devices being made and distributed is expected to continue so is the market base. Controlling about 37.8% of the entire Smartphone market, Apple is without a doubt the dominant brand followed by Samsung at 21.4% then HTC takes the third place with 9.7% of the market control.

Their dominance in the market has also allowed them to gain a few points in the platform field. As highlighted above Google’s Android platform is the dominant platform in the market but currently Apple’s iOS is seriously contesting for the number one spot. I guess it is only a matter of time before we find out. Google’s dominance in this field is understandable considering the number of manufacturers operating under the Android umbrella. Some of the renowned manufacturers running on Android include; Samsung, LG, HTC just to name but a few.


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