Apple releases a new Viddy update for iOS to challenge Vine, Instagram

viddyThe way Apple handles the release of their updates could explain why they are still the mobile phone company to beat in the entire industry. The company is always releasing new updates to make sure that their customers stay updated with the latest software and apps, and ahead of their arch rivals.

Viddy update is their latest update that has been released for their iOS devices.

The update has been dubbed as Viddy update version 2.0. According to the company, the update is supposed to pose a serious challenge to twitter’s Vine app. Vine has brought up some controversies within the short period it has been operational. The application even managed to curtail Apple’s videos to a dismal 6 second snippet. With this concern, Apple decided to act fast to protect their customers from what looked like a sabotage.

So what exactly does this new application bring to the table? My answer would be, more than you can bargain for. The first thing you stand gaining from installing this free application is that you will no longer have to be limited to the 6 second video experience. The update will allow you to enjoy a whole 30 second video shot. Besides the slightly long video shooting experience, the app is also enriched with some new astounding features. The user can now record videos, pause them, film a number of video segments into one, allows one to simulate a stop motion video capture, additional frame adjustment options, and ultimately an active yet simplified video description features with working twitter links, hashtags and mentions.

The video alone has additional 15 new effects that range from sepia to vintage. The application also allows the user to utilize the filter options similar to those adopted by Instagram users to give the shot that much deserving neat finish.

If you are an Android user, the application is also available to you via the Google play store while the iOS users can access the free app through their Apple’s iTunes app store.


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