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Apple posts reasons on why you should choose the iPhone

Immediately after the Samsung Galaxy S IV was launched, Apple published a new mini-website that aims to convince consumers to choose their handset over Samsung’s Android flagship phone of 2013.


The mini-website lists fourteen reasons that supposedly make them the better choice versus the competition.

First, Apple says that their device has been recognized as having the highest rate of customer satisfaction based on eight studies conducted by J.D. Power and Associates. The study, which the marketing services firm has been doing since Apple released its first iPhone, covers various factors that are important in measuring satisfaction, including the design of the product, its performance, its features, as well as its ease of use.

Second, Apple avers that its team pays attention to every detail of the iPhone, from its design to the materials. Apple compares the level of attention given to the device to that which is demanded of watchmakers.

Apple also points out that among the smartphones available today, it is the only one which offers the Retina display. According to Apple, it was due to their introduction of the high-resolution display that other companies followed suit.

The iPhone’s battery life is another factor that Apple believes gives it an edge over others. The iPhone promises eight hours of web browsing, and ten hours of watching videos when used with a cellular network connection. Despite its power, Apple says that the battery remains thin and lightweight.

Next, the A6 processor is both energy-efficient and powerful, making phone usage not only fast but also environmental-friendly.

Wireless and LTE speeds are also said to be fast on the iPhone thanks to the efforts of its engineering team.

Apple also boasts of the 8-megapixel iSight camera, which it claims to be capable of capturing high-quality images regardless of one’s location or the available ambient light.

Furthermore, there is the App Store, which offers more than 800,000 apps which are guaranteed safe by Apple’s malware protection. iTunes is also full of entertainment content, as well.

Apple credits the iPhone’s ease of operation to iOS6, which packs offerings such as FaceTime, and works smoothly with the iPhone’s other hardware features.

Also onboard is Siri, the virtual assistant that Apple includes in the iPhone.

Next, there is iCloud, which lets users manage their content across various Apple devices.

Apple likewise brags of its technical support team which can be reached through their 1-800 number, or by visiting an Apple Store.

Apple also mentions that two of the reasons that users of the iPhone cite regarding why they love the device are its features as well as its ease of operation.
Although Apple’s campaign succeeds the launch of the S IV, it appears that the list is targeted not particularly at the S IV but to Android smartphones in general.

Samsung, it may be worth noting, did not mention Android too much during the launch event, and is even said to be distancing itself from the OS this year with a Tizen-based handset.

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