Apple Investors Relieved After The Launch Of Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung definitely made the top headlines since February due to the impending release of its new handset in the form of the Galaxy S4. The new device is seemingly packed with revolutionary features that can topple the competition posted by the Apple iPhone according to Samsung and various sources. CNET even confidently stated that the new product will make the latest smartphone of Apple a thing of the past. Because of this, Apple investors have been very wary about what Samsung will reveal in its “Unpacking Event”.

However, after the unpacking extravaganza at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall that included a lot of theatrics that is similar to a rejected Broadway play, which CNN pointed out, the nervous shareholders of Apple finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Apple Stocks were Up

Based on the news from CNET, the stocks of Apple climbed up during the closing of last Friday’s trading which also marks the aftermath of the heavily hyped unveiling event of Samsung. The stocks were up to 2.58% to $443.66. The performance of its stocks was truly remarkable that day as the gains were even in a time when the stock market has been operating in the red.

Okay, that’s not because the investors thought that the theatrics were so bad that it will drive potential consumers away. The reason for their relief is because the new Samsung Galaxy S4 features were not that revolutionary according to CNET. In fact, the new product’s features were more of an “evolutionary update” based on critics.

The Analysis of Piper Jaffray

Gene Munster, Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst of Piper Jaffray, saw the overall features of the new smartphone from Samsung as merely incremental updates. It’s just like the iPhone S models he said. His statement probably means that the new features are just a couple steps more than its previous model and that it did not really take off from the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Despite that, Munster pointed out that some of the additions were definitely unique like the much-awaited floating touch and eye scrolling features. But he went on to say that the enhancements were only minor as compared to what Google Now was to the Android and Siri to Apple.

The review of Gizmag even came to a conclusion that the Galaxy S4 is not much different from the previous S3 model. Though the reviewer praised the hardware for its bigger display and more powerful performance brought about by its quad core processor.

Will It Sell?

Munster admitted that the Galaxy S4 will surely make its name in the market as the iPhone’s biggest competitor. It will, no doubt, sell well he added. But the analyst was firm in his company’s estimate that the iPhone will sell 177.5 million units this year, which will be strengthened by the introduction of its cheaper versions at the end of the third quarter.

Peter Misek, another researcher from Piper Jaffray, supported Munster’s views. He said that although the new gadget will affect Apple’s sales in a negative way, the device is still not that revolutionary in his view.

Source: CNET

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